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Stuck due to road ... filming 23:12:00 04/12/2012

(AP) - A lot of people curious in traffic had stopped to watch the crew perform external scene that Truong Chinh (Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City) stuck.

Thousands jammed media.
As noted by of PV Reuters, traffic jam occurred at about 11 am on 5/12, extending from the bow of the Republic to the intersection of Main School - Pham Van Bach (Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City), leaving thousands motorcycle means to "bury the truth" on the spot.

Sunny buried between the legs.
The incident took place during peak hours, the media poured on Truong Chinh every time a winter made ​​the situation here becomes more severe. Due to "soak" their midday sun for more than an hour that many people were tired and irritable with each other. Meanwhile, some of them for transport into the car lane to avoid this scene.

The cause of traffic jams.
The cause of the congestion is caused by curious people stopped to watch the crew make a scene on the Long March, which means can not move for more than 1 hour.

By 1230, traffic through the area is still no signs of improvement.

Thao Tran