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Hanoi 23:12:00 04/12/2012

Hanoi "core" processing time "ultra-thin, ultra-distorted"

(AP) - City Council report, Director of the Hanoi Department of Construction Nguyen The Hung said the city is 317 "ultra-slim, ultra-distorted". Hung promised to basically complete the processing of ultra-thin, super distortion in the quarter I/2013 and not to arise.
 Hanoi >> continue the "ultimatum" to handle the ultra-thin, ultra-distorted
Hung said, Hanoi was 317 "ultra-slim, ultra-distorted". So far, the district has done the sorting step, movement of household signed commitment to block consolidation or recovery, many cases approved architectural building blocks, approved recovery plan.

A series of super distortion on the new route opened in Hanoi
Specifically, Ba Dinh district and 81 cases; Da 47 cases have recovered; Hai Ba Trung also 11 cases where the recovery blocks and 8 cases; Tay Ho 31 cases recovered and 11 cases request the status quo is the old crop following a site clearance; Thanh Xuan nine cases recovered and 2 cases of a parcel of land, the block; Cau Giay district 9 cases of land acquisition; Long Bien district block and 13 cases, 9 cases of embellishment, 6 cases of withdrawal ...

"The ultra-thin, super distorted in 11 districts focus on, but progress is slow, does not meet the requirements set by the City. Some districts, such as Ha Dong, Hoai Duc not focus on direct settlement, delays in processing, "Hung said.

According to Hung, the current understanding and applying the relevant provisions of the law to deal with "ultra-thin, super distortion" of some local is not good. At some local processing has not really aggressive, effective; also dodge expression, afraid to crash. The coordination between departments and a number of districts in the guide, explain and apply the provisions of the law and use of mechanisms and policies are still weak and unequal.

Next time, Hanoi continued to deploy three working groups to strengthen inspection and resolved to remove the difficulties in dealing with the ultra-thin, super distortion in 11 districts. Hanoi stretch TTXD management powers, not to generate new violations, especially arising super-thin, super distortion in the area. City will complete finish options block consolidation; implementation of land acquisition for the construction of public works in accordance with approved plans. Completed basic handling of ultra-thin, ultra-distorted I/2013 quarter.

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